Papersky #6 N.Y. Urban Green

The City is a Jungle

“New York Urban Green: The City is a Jungle” focuses on Central Park, Blue Heron Park (Staten Island), Marine Park (Brooklyn), Wards Island (Manhattan), Pelham Bay Park (The Bronx) and Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (Queens) plus we check in on The Green Map System and look at New York’s elevated thread of green (From 34th Ave to 14. St, along 10th Ave., Manhattan) as well as print our observations of urban art in the city. We also went to Shadipur Depot, India, the home of Delhi’s traditional street performers while in search of some nostalgia of world travel via vintage post cards, plus Sky Style in NYC with Marc Jacobs, an interview with Purple Magazine editor Elein Fleiss, and an ‘A to B trip’ from Krakow, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic. Then we decided to go Tree climbing in Aichi, Japan with John Gathright. Reports come in from Jyododaira, Japan, JFK Airport, New York and Mallorca, Spain.