Papersky #7 Paris

Read the City

We take a walk through three Parisian neighborhoods and include a special Collector’s trip (Bibliomania: a tour of the antiquarian bookstores of Paris [featuring: Libraire Lardanchet, Libraire Monte Cristo, Jousseaume among other privileged shops]), “You Are What You Read” looks at the book collections of artist Philippe Wisebecker, filmmaker Jean Pierre Limosin, architects Reichen & Robert, the wine merchant Jean Pascal Revol and editor Elein Fleiss.  Then there is a trip to Belleville to take another pulse of Paris with Commes de Garcons, a trip to James Turrel’s House of Light in Niigata, then we seek an Encounter with Expo ’70 (Osaka) through collected photographs plus a special look at Vietnam with photographer Hedi B. Desuyo. Our ‘A to B’ this time goes from Georgia to New York, USA on the road looking at the rich historical landscapes of contemporary relevance, then we included an interview with filmmaker Olivier Assayas and fit in a beautiful feature titled, The Exile’s Return: The Story of Iranian artist Shirin Neshat. While checking out the permafrost of Norway and Finland, reports from New York, London, Tokyo, Thailand make their way in.