Papersky #8 Tokyo Paradise

The Islands of Ogasawara

“Tokyo Paradise: The Islands of Ogasawara” (Hahajima, Chichijima + 30 more in the archipelago) is where the city ends and they are only about 1,000 kilometers or 25 hours via ferry from Tokyo.  We take a special look at island life in the past and present with the Ogasawara locals. Also, a special feature entitled Planes of Glass reveals the ‘place’ and the photography of Wim Wenders. Then we go in search of a castle in the sky (The Expo Tower, Osaka) and make enough room to include a profile feature on Doug Aitken, a Cool Runnings-themed trip around Long Bay Beach Park in Jamaica at the Jamaica Reggae Marathon and reports from Shanghai China, Sinkiang Province China, Broome Australia, Graz Austria and Kagawa, Japan plus Ko Samet and Ko Chang, Thailand.