Papersky #24 Tahiti

Flower and Plant Hunt

It’s Tahiti with Seiko Ito! What better to do than team up for a flower and plant hunt across the islands and jungle on historical and flower tours. The Tiare, the official flower of Tahiti, is to Tahitians what kome (rice) is to the Japanese: an icon for their entire culture. Catch a single whiff of the flower and you are Tahitianized for life. Men and women alike wear the Tiare- men place the behind their ear pre-bloom while women wear the open flower. The Tiare is also used in making monoi oil, which Tahitians rub on their skin for both medical and beauty care on pretty much a daily basis from the time they are born to the time they die. Yes, daily flower care! Tahitians cannot relax unless they are surrounded by flowers and plants. In this issue, we include a look at the Tahitian Ukelele, an interview with singer Sandii, stops at museums and markets, spas, and include our official ‘Tahiti Plant Hunting Map’ across three islands in addition to our essential guide on how to find Tahiti in Tokyo in addition to the regular features and columns. Contents also include artwork by Azechi Umetaro, stunning photography from Iceland by Ariko, a report on the Ainu (Indigenous people of Japan) in Hokkaido, reportage from Naoki Ishikawa, an ‘A to B’ trip to Forbidden Island, reports from Hokkaido, Marquesas (France), a short story by George Belden (recovered and edited by Norman Lock, translated by Motoyuki Shibata) plus a trip to Yakushima to check in with amazing surfboard brand RMD.

いとうせいこうさんとみどり濃いタヒチの島々へ。 南太平洋に浮かぶタヒチの島々。正式な国名は「フレンチ・ポリネシア」とい い、118もの島々を抱えるフランスの海外統治領だ。成田空港から直行便で11 時 間。 この南の楽園へ、ボタニカルライフの著者いとうせいこうさんと向かった。 タヒチ島、フアヒネ島、モーレア島。青い海と空に包まれた島々の緑深い植物に 触れる旅へ。