Papersky #21 Okinawa

Dog Trip

An Okinawa Dog trip with Hanaregumi singer Takashi Nagazumi and  his dog Kabira which spans to include three of the Yaeyama Islands, the southernmost inhabited area of Japan with a culture that has been preserved for over eight centuries. Island hopping highlights the local craftsmen and women producing snake skin shamisens, a Jazz bar and a famous brown rice milk factory in Ishigaki, the Inoue Shisar Gallery, a look at the Ishigaki triathalon as well as another dog adventure with kayaking, trekking, swimming and camping in Iriomote. In addition, an interview with Kohei Kitayama, a ‘From A to B’ trip in Brazil from Santarem to Obidos to Arapiuns, where to find Okinawa when in Tokyo plus the regular columns by Seiko Ito, Takuo Aoyama, Moichi Kuwahara and Mitsuyo Kakuta.

ハナレグミおーりとーり、八重山へ。澄み切った青空とサンゴの海。亜熱帯に位置する沖縄・八重山諸島は、パスポート不要の、まるで異国の地。 リピーターも多いこの地の魅力はシマンチュの底抜けに明るい歓迎にあるのかもしれない。ミュージシャン・ハナレグミと石垣島へ。トリマー・DogMan江頭重知さんと西表島へ!