Papersky #17 Greece

Real Greece From A to Z

“Real Greece from A to Z” some of the highlights of which are: A for Acropolis, D for Dionysus in Patras and Daily life, E is for Eros, F is for Film and G is for Gods and Myth, I is for Islands and Celebrities, L is for Lesvos and Sappho, M for Modern Art, N for Natural food, P for People, R for revenge in the World Cup, S for Spiritual Spots, T for Thalatta, U is for Utopias while V is for Venus and Z is for Zora the Greek. We include our guide of where to find Greece in Tokyo, an interview with Simon Njami and a musical journey with Sketch Show Audio Sponge. Also featuring a ‘First Trip’ to Hawaii and reports from Munich, Helsinki and Oregon, USA in addition to a quick stop at the historical Towada Hotel in Akita. Successive pages are rounded out with our regular columns like Naoki Ishikawa’s Life Knowledge, Haruomi Hosono’s ‘Journeys on the Musical Saucer,’ Life of Fiction (Volume 13, Howard Nemerov‘s “A Commodity of Dreams” Part 1, translated by Motoyuki Shibata), an ‘A to B’ in and around Argentina’s Cabo Dos Bahias Reserva Faunistica and our Art & Place takes a look at the culture and aesthetic surrounding European sports fields. Plus more!

ギリシア、26のキーワードをめぐる旅 。カーニヴァル、神殿、ビーチ、ナチュラル・フードまで。Cavo Paradiso クラブ「カーヴォ・パラディソ」、 Acropolis アテネのアクロポリス、 Buzukia ギリシア伝統のハレの場ブズキア、Dionisos in Patras 酒神ディオニソス、Carnival in Patra パトラのカーニヴァル、