Papersky #20 Aomori

Get Warm in the Cold

A trip to the land of the blue forest, Aomori but this time we went at the coldest time of the year, aiming to get warm with the nine best onsens in Aomori. We also teamed up with North Face for a snow shoe expedition around Mt. Hakkoda plus we took a look at Japanese Modernism with architect Kunio Maekawa in addition to other profiles on Aomori people like Akinori Kimura, a farmer world renowned for his truly 100% organic apples and a feature interview with Takashi of Hanaregumi (our guest for our Okinawa Issue) along with our regular columns (Travel to Your Mind: Plants by Seiko Ito, Time by Takuo Aoyama, Music by Moichi Kuwahara, Book by Mitsuyo Kakuta, Illustration by Ed Tsuwaki), Art & Place, From A to B, Life Knowledge by Naoki Ishikawa and Life of Fiction translated by Motoyuki Shibata). We also received reports from Mie (Japan), Reykjyavik, London and Vanuatu (this issue’s ‘First Trip’ column) and much much more.

寒くてあたたかい国、青森 北の冬を訪ねる旅。雪深い青森。本州の最北に位置し、3面を海に囲まれた凍みるこの地での体験は、身体を温め、心まで豊かにしてくれる。温泉、伝統工芸、モダニズム建築、 りんごにチーズケーキ。ほんのりなごむ、北の冬を訪ねて。