Papersky #18 Akihabara


Our infamous bilingual Akihabara Guidebook takes an entirely different look at the place where trends begin and technology flourishes. Our guide presents Akihabara’s past, present and not so distant future while taking a look at the “otaku” culture and where you can get some of the best products, deals and food. We teamed up with Lego‘s Mindstorms NXT robot to help us develop four efficient courses for getting around the “city of fire.” The first being based on the NXT’s picks, the second being a historical course and the third an art and design course and the fourth a more foreigner-friendly course. Interviews abound with Akihabara-related figures like Ishida Ira, Morinaga Takuro, Morikawa Kaichiro, Nakagawa Shoko as well as a sampling of books related to Akihabara, a look at Experimental Utopias in America, A rodatrip with CMF Martin Guitars from Kanazawa to Kitami. In addition to our regular columns, there’s also an interview with one of our favorite designers and friends Paul Smith.  Featured trips also include Christ Church, New Zealand, The Aomori Museum of Art and Oregon, USA as destinations.

アキバ散歩、案内役はLego Mindstorms NXT。現在の秋葉原は、世界でもまれに見る発展を遂げ、世界中の注目を集めている。ラジオ商店街という1本の苗木は、家電、パソコン、メイドにフィギュアと多く の枝を茂らせ、巨木へとその姿を変えていった。いったいどこにこの成長の力があるのだろうか。今回は、4つのコースを最先端ロボの力を借りて、秋葉原を歩 いてみよう。その力の源を探す旅へ。