Papersky #2 Around the World

For our second issue we reached out with a trip around the world with photos from India, France, Italy, Zimbabwe, Greenland, The United States, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia and China. Another look at world travel economy style with husband-wife team and travel authors Taro and Mika Washida. Contents also include an interview with actress Tomoko Nakajima, in search of ‘a country with perfect teeth’ in Finland as well as reports from New York and Nara, Japan. Other pages feature our ‘Swatch in Japan’ series and an extended list of photographers who travelled around the world for us. Yoshiko Seino, Peter Bialobrzeski, Kenshu Shinsubo, Chikashi Suzuki, Jackie Nickerson, Mette Tronvoll, Leah Singer, Panda Kanno, Kei Masuda, Vittorio Santoro, Taro Mizutani and Hisashi Nagasu and the list goes on!