Papersky #14 Akita

Nature Walk

Once again in we’re Japan but Northbound this time to explore the lush green landscapes of Akita Prefecture. Our Nature-themed issue takes you on three nature walks and reveals the people behind the pristine landscapes and how they live with and use nature to nourish. We stop by the well-known, locally-centered supermarket Sekiya, visit distilleries rich in history and tradition as well as include a report on ‘Where to find Akita in Tokyo’ in addition to illustrated maps. Our ‘A to B’ ventures through Poland from Zakopane to Zalipie and then Haruomi Hosono reminisces on his rich musical history via his ‘Musical Saucer’ column and Naoki Ishikawa starts his ‘Life Knowledge’ column plus incoming reports from Cairo, Egypt, Ontario, Canada, Perth, Australia, Paris, France, Bhutan, The Aichi Expo and Yokohama, Japan.

秋田のたからもの 自然と歩く旅。 県土の面積の約70%が森林という豊かな自然に恵まれている秋田県。自然だけでなく、秋田県ならではの素材を利用した民芸品や食生活に古くからの文化が色濃 く残っている。今回は、そんな秋田の自然と文化を満喫すべく、八森町、角館町、秋田市の3コースをウォーキングする旅にでかけます。八森町留山コース、 角館町抱返り渓谷コース