Papersky #5 Germany

The New Faces of Germany

Our “Drifting Friends” Reto and Mic help guide us through undiscovered Germany and show us: Externstones (Detmold, North Rhine Westphalia), The Museum of Lies (Gantikow, Brandenburg), The Knight Who Would Not Rot (Kyritz, Brandenburg), The Birthplace of Garden Gnomes (Graefenroda, Thuringia), Hermit: Father Timofej of Munich (Munich, Bavaria), Blautopf’s mysterious blue pond, Diving in the Gas Meter in Recklinghausen, Prora Ruegen, The Speedy Jesus Child (Altoetting, Bavaria), The Fairytale Cave (Waldorf, Thuringia) among other amazing cultural highlights. Reports on The History of Drifting, Arts and Recession in East Berlin (The Imaginary Factory, The Surf Poets to name a few groups), The Universal Music Kindergarten, The Ecology Kindergarten, The Forest Kindergarten, Parliamentary Kindergarten as well as an in depth look at the Films of Neco Celik. A look at the “The Colors of the Mountain:” Life at the base of Kilimanjaro, a historical look at Japan through Baseball Pennants while Sky Style looks at Y3, the collaboration between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, an interview with comic novelist Daniel Clowes (author of Eightball), a visit to artist Jonathan Pylypchuk’s studio and a to and fro cruise trip on the Baltic Sea between Stockholm and Helsinki in addition to reports from Joshua Tree National Monument (California) Paris, Bali and Yangyeongsi, Korea.