Papersky #22 Hawaii

Organic, Fresh, Local

Hawaii is simply one of the best places on Earth. The climate, beautiful scenery and the wonderful aloha spirit all contribute to making Hawaii a paradise. What keeps people comingback is the enormous layering both in Hawaiian culture and landscape- each time one makes a trip to Hawaii, something new is discovered. For our ‘Organic, Fresh and Local’ take on Hawaii we invited Kiko Nemoto to find the best healthy, local, fresh and organic food. Many people in Japan use the word Lohas or Eco, but in Hawaii you don’t hear people using such tacky and artificial language- it’s rather just the way of life. We visited the Down to Earth, Umeki and Town markets as well as Ono Hawaiian foods, Allen Wong’s restaurant and many more cafes and farms and factories. After including a place-specific guide menu for Hawaii, we also filled our pages with surreal night Rainbow photography by Junji Takasago as well as visits to Shimane, a climb up Mount Fuji, looking at the Hokule‘a ship and the Hawaii-Japan journey by Nainoa Thompson plus a story by William Saroyan (translated by Motoyuki Shibata) an ‘A to B’ to re visit the Che Guevara trail around Chile and Argentina. There’s also an interview with Japanese musicians Gonchichi, a piece on Nature in Borneo, Malaysia in addition to our regular columns and international reports.

根本きこさんを感嘆させるおいしいハワイ 。南国ハワイの青々とした空のもとでたわわに育ったオーガニックでフレッシュでローカルなハワイの野菜や果物たちは、じつはとっても美味!  それをおいしく調理して提供する店も数多くある。そんな魅惑の「フード」を求めて、フードコーディネーターの根本きこさん親子と一緒に出発。