Papersky #30 Bali

Natural Rhythm in Bali

It’s really interesting that over 70% of the people we meet in cities, pretty much wherever we travel, would rather live in a rural area than in the city. It seems that there is a calling inside many of us to return to nature and I think this calling from an innate mechanism, something you could call a “Natural Rhythm.” The hospitality of the happiness-radiating Balinese people show us how to relax with Yoga and Gamelan music and help us find our own “Natural Rhythm” with stops to a traditional Balinese healer, a stop at The Royal Pita Maha for some wellness and healing, a look at a Balinese groundbreaking ceremony, a Jegog performance by Suar Agung, a ceremonial dance by the Kecak in Pura Luhur Uluwatu, a stop at the Desa Tenganan, a spa at Maya as well as a cooking school at Alila Manggis, visiting fine retailers Kou and Ma:an, a stop at Taman National Bali Barat and stopping at Bali surf point. We also checked out The Green School at the Kul-kul campus and the outstanding, dream-like Alila vilas at Uluwatu, The Green Traveler section documents a Sunrise Trekking Tour, a Meditation Trekking Tour and a Mountain Cycling Tour. In addition to the regular columns (Ito Seiko, Naoki Ishikawa, etc), a photo report from Jinzai and an ‘A to B’ trip from Houston to San Antonio reminds us of the interesting intersection of the space program, rodeo, square dancing and the mariachi.