Papersky #19 London

On the Grass

When most of us think of London we think of double-decker buses, the Sex Pistols, old castles, the Queen, or folks that speak English a little like what the language used to sound like a long, long time ago. However, it’s our job at Papersky to present countries, cities, towns and people in a slightly different light. So when we gave London a second look we thought, “Wow!” they have an awful lot of nice parks with nice grass- green, beautiful, fluffy grass. And there you go. With some brainstorming and research, we found that over 30% of London is open green space. And what do Londoners do with all this grass? They play sports, mainly the ones they invented- Football, Golf and Tennis were all born here. We visited every Premier League stadium in the city, the courts at Wimbledon, renowned golf courses and of course, the city’s parks. In addition to our regular columns, our ‘First Trip’ catches waves in Costa Rica while reports come in from Shizuoka (Japan), Zurich, Alesund  (Norway) as well as Oregon and Cotswold, England. Our “From A to B” trip ventures from Lhasa to Kailash in Tibet plus we fit in a look at the Gregory Colbert Ashes & Snow exhibit and more.

芝の都、ロンドン スポーツの故郷を訪ねて 。フットボール、テニス、ゴルフ・・・これら伝統あるスポーツは、すべて英国の芝の上で生まれた。大都会と緑の共存。この地の人々の、スポーツへの強烈な愛 情。ここにあるのは、ロンドンが紡ぐ芝生のストーリーだ。さあでかけよう、美しい芝生の香りと、この国が生んだスポーツのルーツを探しに。