Mammoth #20

Go Green!

Our little darling full of love and creativity not only gets kids excited about life and creativity but also gets us pretty stoked too. Mammoth No. 20, The Green Issue, is all about helping our younger friends learn about trees, mountains and forests and has pages that introduces ideas for tree planting and initiatives at greening our planet such as Million Trees New York. We also teamed up with Naturalist Kevin Short to make a little pull-out Green Book to help kids get familiar with wood- all aimed at getting us closer to trees and forests. We were also excited to include an interview with education theorist of Sesame Street-fame Nobuyuki Ueda plus feature a guide for kids on how to collect real leaves which they can then complete as a coloring book so get out there for a walk and enjoy it with your kids. Our upcoming Pow-wow event may be the perfect place!