The Void Photobook

Naoki Ishikawa Photography Book

Date: September 20, 2005
Client: Knee High Media
Category:Art Direction, Editorial Direction, Publishing, Products

Naoki Ishikawa is one of the Japan’s most celebrated adventurers. In May 2001, he became the youngest person to climb the peaks of alls even continents, accomplishing the feat at the age of 23 by scaling Mount Everest. Today, he continues to travel throughout the world, taking photographs and writing for numerous publications in Japan, including Papersky. The Void, published by Knee High Media, features a series of photographs taken by Ishikawa during his stay on New Zealand’s North Island. Covered by forests of giant Kauri trees, it is one of the South Pacific’s last remaining old-growth forests, and an inestimable natural treasure. Ishikawa’s images capture the majesty and mystery of this ancient place. Available in bookshops and online at Fuji San (in Japanese).