Papersky #9 Naples

Naples Family

We go to the heart of Italy’s living room city. Since its founding over 2,500 years ago by Greek settlers, Naples has experienced, and survived, the manifold fluctuations of time and fate like few other places in the world. And over all the years, its humanity has been piling up, layer upon layer. The history of Naples is the story of a family, one made of flesh and blood and stone and street. Since its founding, Naples has been contested by or come under control of the Romans, Carthaginians, Goths, Byzantines, Lombards, Saracens, Franks, The Papal States, the Normans, the Sicilians, Hungarians, Austrians, the French, the Spanish, the forces of Italian unification and finally the Germans, British and Americans during WW II. We look at Naples through the eyes of Merchant, Artistic, Dramatist and Pizza Maker families as well as a talk with Leonardo Servadio (founder of iconic sportswear brand Ellese). There’s also, an interview with author Paul Auster, a trip from Sydney to Perth for our ‘A to B’ section which crosses the Nullarbor, then there’s a nocturnal journey across Japan with photographer Katsumata Kunihiko and then made enough time to trace two generations of Japanese honeymooners and make a quick trip to the NPO Seaside Gallery in Kochi Prefecture.  Reports come in from Dubai, UAE, Tottori (Japan) Pattaya, Thailand, Stockholm, New York and Aoyama covering the opening of Book 246, the bookstore we produced.