Papersky #47: SAN FRANCISCO

SAN FRANCISCO | good company issue

本号の特集では、地域と密接に関わり合いながらユニークなものづくりを展開する人々を訪ね、そこで生まれたコミュニティにふれる特集です。旅のナビゲーターは、「GOOD NEIGHBOR」をキーワードに、カフェやギャラリー、イベントなどをプロデュースする、ランドスケーププロダクツ代表の中原慎一郎さんです。

In this issue we travel to San Francisco with our good friend and owner of Landscape Products, Shinichiro Nakahara, to discover how companies are moving beyond the philosophy of creating product purely for the sake of profit and instead focusing on giving birth to well made and designed products and services that alsocreate a healthy and wholesome community. We have decided to label these companies ‘Good Companies’.