Papersky #23 Kyoto

Wagashi Trip

A serious Wagashi Trip with an overall goal of capturing Kyoto’s entire history and culture through traditional sweets, or Wagashi.  With our guest Tomoko Tabata we track down over twenty makers of traditional Japanese sweets which have been around for anywhere from three to over twenty-three generations. This issue also features Kyoto Garden photography by Naito Tadayuki, musician Masakatsu Takagi, remaking the Nicola Bouvier journey as an ‘A to B’ from Geneve to Tokyo, a story by Dennis Johnson (translated by Motoyuki Shibata), reports from Cuba (‘First Trip’), Chamonix (France), Nassau (Bahamas), Roma (Italia), Oregon (USA), Akita and Russia in addition to our regular columns.

田畑智子さんと、はんなり京菓子散歩 。昔ながらの街並に社寺、そして秋の紅葉。京都の魅力はいまや世界中で語られている。しかし忘れてはならないのが、 この地の魅力をよりいっそう深くしている「おもてなしの文化」だ。そんなおもてなしの心をさまざまな形で表現する京都の和菓子たち。 女優、田畑智子さんとはんなり京菓子散歩へ。