Japan Mindscape @ Basque Surf Film Fest

Papersky’s Japan Mindscape project was featured in an exhibition at the Basque Surf Film Festival. Our Japan Minsdcape project features photos of the beautiful Tohoku Region before the March 11, 2011 earthquake ravaged the area. These photos, submitted from an array of photographers, remind us of Japan’s pristine Tohoku Region before the disaster and the need to rebuild.

A message from the exhibition:

After Japan’s triple disaster we’ve seen nothing but images of mass destruction. Yet in my heart and mind the beautiful Tohoku landscape lives on. I have memories of a beautiful countryside, kind people and a peaceful passing of time. I want to share this elegant scenery that only yesterday was loved and cherished by travelers and by those who called it home. With this in mind Papersky is collecting images from some of Japan’s best photographers in order to keep the beauty of Higashi Nihon alive in our hearts & minds.