Tour de NIPPON in Shodoshima

つい2日ほど前までの雨予報がウソのような、雨あがりの霧の朝。清涼な空気に包まれた土庄港から、2015年の ツール・ド・ニッポン in 小豆島 という、素晴らしい1日がはじまった。


This event is part of a continuing series in the Papersky Bicycle Club line up. We started with the Tour de Kyoto a couple years ago and are gradually creating rides throughout all of Japan. We use our travel and culture expertise coupled with our unique position as bicycle insiders to bring bicycling, travel and culture lovers the rides that offer a total cultural and physical experience of a place. These Bicycle club rides are always featured in both the print and online editions of Papersky. See you on the road!

Watch The Tour de Nippon Shodoshima movie: