Tokaido Talk at Tokyo Jiten

Papersky Editor in Chief Lucas B.B. stopped by the Tokyo Jiten to make a presentation about the Tokaido Road, which was the main feature of our recently published 36th issue (Genten). The talk is viewable here: and here is a description of the presentation from the Jiten site:

The old Tokaido highway begins from Nihonbashi Bridge. Established 400 years ago during the Edo period, it was crowded with travelers, and known as the safest, cleanest road in the world. Starting from Tokyo, we set off at a brisk pace along the Tokaido, searching objectively for the past while looking for a hint of the future in our journey. A whole day’s walk can be covered in a mere ten minutes on the Shinkansen train. In this presentation, I would like to speak about ‘walking’ the Tokaido and the discoveries that can be made along the way.