Plants+ Primos Project

Plants+ and Yahoo Traveling Seed Project

Date: July 2010
Client: Knee High Media
Category: Art Direction, Plants, Products, News +Press, Exhibition

Plants Plus and Yahoo Japan teamed up with Argentinian artist unit Mejunje to make three characters for our webTV platform Plants+. We didn’t go ahead make our dolls out of plastic but rather of natural materials native to Japan like Bamboo (Take-primo), Japanese Cypress (Hinoki-primo) and Rice (Kome-primo) so they are cousins, which in Spanish means, Primos! Take-primo, Hinoki-primo and Kome-primo each bear a stamped Plants+ logo and have tags available upon which recipients can write a wish. Each Primo also contains packets of seeds for recipients to plant wherever they are. Once you receive a Primo, plant a packet of seeds and then write any wish you may have. Next, recipients are asked to Twitter or blog about the Primo they received and then pass the Primo doll onto one of their friends, who is asked to go on and do the same. Once the 30 packs of seeds in each Primo have been planted, they’ll return them to our office. Buena suerte Primos.