Luke’s Carrots

Setting up Shop at the Aoyama Flower Market

It’s hard to stop creativity, sometimes it’s like a river overflowing its banks. While we’re hard at work making our magazines and client work and talking about renewing this here website, our creative director Lucas BB has taken to making his own carrot products and participating with the over 40 shops at the farmers market in Aoyama. Not only is it a trip to walk through the market and meet the vendors and here the stories behind the products they’re selling but it’s an added bonus to sample the range of food on offer. This photo was taken on January 16th and shows our little carrot stand-that-could which sells carrot jam, carrot paste, carrot bread, carrot cake and well, anything we can think of that carrots fit with. We’re also selling organic flowers too (the surefire sell out). Pictured to the right our ever-sweet friend Ms. Nono who has been preparing all of our carrot products in a homemade way we all love so you can imagine how much we just love her. Leftovers are king if there are actually any left to get our hands on. If you can believe it, we’re actually selling out every time we participate in the market so come on by, say hello, check out the live music, hear some of Nono’s funny stories and check us (and our carrots) out before they’re all gone. We’re usually there from early morning to 4:00 PM when the market starts cleaning up. This time, our Bicycle club was present offering cycle rides on a Bullit which we rode in our Denmark Issue (#31).