15 Year Anniversary

Old Landmark to New Landmark

Knee High Celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and thanks to our talented contributors and perceptive readers, we’ve been able to create Japan’s strongest independent magazines: Tokion, Papersky, Mammoth, Planted as well as one of  Japan’s leading creative agencies: Knee High Creative. The husband and wife team, Lucas Badtke-Berkow and Kaori Sakurai run Knee High from a modern sixty-year old Japanese house in central-west Tokyo. To commemorate the fifteen years of ‘widescreen and organic media’ we asked husband and wife artists, Kami and Sasu (also collectively known as Hitotzuki to create a mural for the office we also refer to as our house. The story continues on Papersky: Hitotzuki help commemorate 15 years in paint.

Photography: Shama.