Mammoth Kids Make Candles

  • Date:February 8th, 2011
  • Client:DIY Event, n/a
  • Categories:Event, Kids

This past weekend, Tokyo hotel Claska held a D.I.Y.-themed event, D♥Y (a play on the Japanese word for love, “ai” 愛), and the mighty Mammoth School was there in full effect. The Mammoth set up a workshop in the hotel’s 8th floor gallery so our Mammoth kids could congregate and learn how to make their own candles, Mount Fuji-shaped ones. Saturday (Feb 5th) and Sunday (Feb 6th) proved a great learning experience for our Mammoth kids as well as their parents and us. After a few minutes, our kids happily took home a hand-sized version of a Japanese icon. Check out the photos here!